Internship Project

  • Each intern must propose, execute, organize and produce an internship project.

    Ideally, and ninety (90) per cent of the time, this project develops from a host agency's specific need. The activity should be directly beneficial to your agency and be completed as part of your internship activities. It should not be a "term paper" outside of your internship responsibilities. The project should be developed by the intern, with input from the agency supervisor, and the faculty supervisor.

    By the end of the fourth week of the internship, the student must present the faculty supervisor with a project proposal in outline form. Through conferences with the internship supervisor, the proposal may be modified to meet the academic requirements for the internship.

    The final internship project should be typed or word processed, and as appropriate, be documented, if existing resources are utilized. It should also have a title page per the example which follows.

    The student is also expected to consult with his/her agency supervisor in regard to the project at each stage of the project. The agency supervisor will determine whether the project will meet the agency's needs, while the faculty supervisor will be concerned about academic soundness, appropriate use of resources, good organization, correct grammar, punctuation, and clarity of expression.

    The student is required to prepare a final typewritten or word processed copy of the internship project for submission to the university and agency supervisors.

    Sample Title Page for the Internship Project Report

    Include the following information. Typically, the type would be center justified.

    "Title of the Report"

    "Internship Agency Name"


    "Student's full name"

    Submitted To The Department Of Political Science
    Indiana University Of Pennsylvania
    To Partially Fulfill The Requirements Of The
    Student Internship Experience