Best Practices Subcommittee

  • Committee Chair

    Dr. Christine Black

    Mission Statement

    Identify, discuss and prepare a written overview on the best practices, including community efforts, for developing a more effective program at IUP on reducing student substance abuse.

    Sample Guideline Questions

    What campus programs can you identify as best practices for reducing student substance abuse?

    What common themes are found in best practices programs?

    Which of these programs or their components would be effective at IUP?

    Discuss the application and implementation of best practices approach at IUP


    Based on best practices prepare recommendations for the Commission

    Proposed Committee Membership: 17

    1. Christine Black - Chair
    2. Margie Arnett
    3. Larry Barnett
    4. Bob Bell
    5. Roger Briscoe
    6. John Cawley
    7. Kevin Field
    8. Lauren Fisher
    9. Dana Henry
    10. Mary Jo Lyttle
    11. Nikki Norris
    12. Shaun Murphy
    13. Joost Oegema
    14. Lonnie Scales
    15. Cyndy Strittmatter
    16. Bill Sutton
    17. Kim Weiner