Current Practices Subcommittee

  • Committee Chair

    Terry Appolonia

    Mission Statement

    To identify, discuss, and prepare an overview of current and previous efforts during the past five to ten years to reduce substance abuse by IUP students.

    Sample Guideline Questions

    Identify IUP and community programs for the past five to ten years for reducing substance abuse by IUP students.

    Provide a description and objectives of each of the programs

    Provide information about when the programs started and who started them.

    Who participated and how many IUP students were involved?

    Were the programs evaluated and what were the findings?


    Based on a review of IUP and community efforts provide recommendations to the Commission.

    Proposed Committee Membership: 18

    1. Terry Appolonia, Chair
    2. Adeniyi Amadou
    3. Carrie Bence
    4. Joey Dipple
    5. Cathy Dotty
    6. Caleb Finnegan
    7. Don Gibbons
    8. Guy Haberl
    9. Megan Horst
    10. David Lind
    11. Elvin Perez
    12. Dan Reardon
    13. Emily Reetz
    14. Laurie Roehrich
    15. Mike Sell
    16. Ann Sesti
    17. Valerie Trimarchi
    18. Brandon Zimmerman