Literature Subcommittee

  • Committee Chair

    Dr. Alphonse N. Novels

    Mission Statement

    To identify, discuss and prepare a written overview of research findings on notable college and community programs to reduce student substance abuse.

    Sample Guideline Questions

    Identify other university programs on student substance abuse.

    What common themes emerge from those programs that you consider important for an IUP comprehensive program?

    What research-based findings appear to be the most effective approaches for working with students to reduce substance abuse?

    Include those programs that are comprehensive approaches that combine university efforts with community efforts.


    Based on the literature review provide recommendations for IUP and the community to the Commission

    Proposed Committee Membership: 14

    1. Al Novels, Chair
    2. Frank Condino
    3. Vito DonGiovanni
    4. Jenny Easton
    5. Michelle Fryling
    6. Linda Hall
    7. Chris Hindman
    8. George Hood
    9. Mike Lemasters
    10. Christopher Maier
    11. Susan Martin
    12. Bill Oblitey
    13. Jessica Sasso
    14. Pat Scott