Dr. Susan Sibert

  • Susan SibertContact Information:

    Office: 328 Davis
    Phone: 724-357-3023
    E-mail: Susan.Sibert@iup.edu

    Academic Qualifications:

    • BS, Elementary Education, University of Pittsburgh
    • MEd, Counselor Education, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
    • MEd, Administration and Leadership, St. Francis College
    • MBA, St. Francis University
    • EdD, Administration and Educational Leadership, Indiana University of Pennsylvania 

    Teaching Certifications:

    Elementary, English, Reading Specialist, English as a Second Language, Elementary and Secondary Counseling, Family and Consumer Science, Cooperative Education, Driver Education, Elementary and Secondary Principal, Superintendent’s Letter of Eligibility

    Research Interests:

    • Literacy
    • Program Evaluation
    • Growth Mindset
    • Use of technology in Scheduling and Supervision

    Courses Taught:

    • Administration & Leadership
                ALS 803 Leadership: Applied Practice
                MEDU 777 Teacher as Leader
                EDAD 756 School Administration
    • Master of Literacy
                LTCY 701 Literacy Assessment & Acceleration
                LTCY 635 Literacy in the Inclusive Classroom
                LTCY 600 Foundations of Literacy
    • Early Childhood Special Education
                ECED 451 Literacy for the Developing Reader: Grades 2-4 Learners
                EDUC 442 School
                EDUC 442  School Law (On-line format for education majors)
                ECSP 440 Professional Seminar for Student Teachers: Teacher as Researcher & Advocate
                ECSP 340 Introduction to Classroom & Behavior Management
                ECED 280 Maximizing Learning: Engaging all Pre-K to Grade 4 Learners
                ECSP 112 Growth & Development: Typical & Atypical
    • Middle Level Learning
                MIDL 222 Reading Instruction & Assessment  in Grades 4 – 8
                MIDL 221 Literature for the Middle Level
    • Supervision:
                Student Teaching Supervision (Early Childhood/Special Education- including Urban Track,
                       Middle Level, and Elementary Education Certifications)
               EDUC 342 Pre-Student Teaching Supervision II (including Urban Track)
               EDUC 242 Pre-Student Teacher Supervision I (including Urban Track)
    • Special Topics
               Educational Technology

    Personal Narrative:

    I am a learner, a teacher, and a teacher educator, as well as a mentor and a mentee. I am both a leader and a team member, as well as a child and a parent. In those every changing roles and others, gratitude plays an important part of my daily life; I am most grateful for my students and colleagues, who support my growth as I work to support theirs.

    My grandparents immigrated to this country, entering through Elis Island, unable to speak English. Exactly fifty-seven years later, the daughter of their youngest child began teaching English to middle level students. I marvel at and am grateful for the opportunities I have been given on the backs and hard work of my parents and grandparents. My story is not unique. Many students at IUP are first generation college students who work in addition to attending classes.


    Having a sense of humor is important in our work as students and educators. Kindness and care of others is an underpinning of our service work to our constituents and to each other.

    Undoubtedly, days will turn into weeks and months, then years. Time goes by as we learn and work together. Looking at challenges gratefully and as opportunities for growth is something to embrace and to model for our students!


    Quotes help us to frame our work and lives. Below are few of my favorite quotes:

    Dedicated to my father and mother, who wanted me to be a brain surgeon. I exceeded their expectations. I became a scholar and a teacher.

    -Harry K. Wong, dedication of his book, How to be an    Effective Teacher: The First Days of School

    Never look back, unless you are planning to go that way.     Henry David Thoreau

    Do not hurry; do not rest.  Goethe

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