Dr. Mills’ Reference Letter

  • Thinking about asking for a letter of recommendation from Dr. Mills?

    The letter of reference is very important to you and to me. I get many requests, and I take great care in preparing the letters. 

    So, ask yourself these questions before asking me for a letter of reference:

    • Did Dr. Mills know me as someone more than as a student in one class ? Did we have a professional association that went beyond routine classroom participation?
    • Does Dr. Mills know enough about me to say something that is unique and significant?
    • Is there enough time for my request to allow Dr. Mills time to get the letter done?

    If you cannot say a strong “yes” to every one of these questions, then you should not ask for a letter of reference. 

    If you decide to ask me for a letter, here are some guidelines that you must follow:

    • If you are applying to a number of jobs/programs, I want all background materials at the same time (materials listed next)
    • A complete listing of how and when we had a professional relationship
    • Your resume/c.v.
    • If we have not worked with your writing before, a sample of your written work and/or essay for schools
    • A well-organized list of names/ addresses for recipients
    • Any specific instructions for each destination
    • The nature of the job/program associated with each letter, and
    • Deadlines for each letter

    Some other notes:

    I do not need envelopes (unless specified by the program).

    I will not write a letter without a specific recipient (no “generic” letters).