Psychological Science Minor

  • Please note: This program is no longer accepting students. Check out our Psychology Minor, Child and Adult Advocacy Studies Minor, and Psychology for Nursing Students Minor.

  • Students in applied psychology discuss a topic.

    GAIN A NEW PERSPECTIVE: With a minor in psychology, students in other fields gain new insights into thinking and behavior that can be applied to many settings.

    Minor in psychological science adds lab course and scientific concentration

    The minor in psychological science allows students from other disciplines to enhance their primary academic area through a focused set of knowledge and skills unique to the discipline of psychology and emphasizing scientific methods in the behavioral sciences.

    The minor in psychological science requires the following course work:

    • General Psychology (PSYC101) and
    • the research methods course that is taken by psychology majors (PSYC290), followed by
    • completion of four other psychology courses that must include a content-based laboratory course and courses distributed among specific areas.

    Check the undergraduate catalog for more specific information about the distribution of these courses. The minor in psychology form has special information about these requirements.