Majors in Religious Studies

  • EXPLORING RELIGIONS RESPECTFULLY:   Religious Studies students explore with deep respect a variety of religious traditions, from Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity to Wicca and more, says student Pearline Cooke. The major combines well with many others, adding a deeper understanding.

    Religions Can Influence Business, Government, and Education

    Cultural literacy, empathy, and critical thinking are the hallmarks of religious studies. Your interpretive skills and ability to gather meaningful data will also be developed. Ultimately, the study of religion is about the mastery of human relations. The academic and interpersonal gifts you expand at IUP are the gateway to a professional life that knows few limitations.

    BA in Religious Studies

    • Fulfill a core Liberal Studies curriculum that provides a broad reach of applications.
    • Compare your exploration of natural sciences to the immaterial nature of faith.
    • Explore American religious development in contrast to the particulars of Islam.
    • Consider the thought and practice of Buddhism in regard to other Eastern and indigenous religions.

    Religious Studies Honors Program

    Designed to enrich the undergraduate education of qualified religious studies majors, and of particular value to majors seeking admission to graduate or professional schools.

    • Open by departmental permission to declared Religious Studies majors with a minimum 3.25 cumulative GPA and a 3.5 GPA in Religious Studies courses.
    • Students complete RLST 480/H, 483/H, and 493/H.
    • To determine how honors courses will be integrated into requirements for your major, consult your advisor.

    Minor in Religious Studies

    • Complement your chosen major by embracing religious studies as a means of deepening and broadening your career objectives.
    • Begin with a broad introduction to world religion, and then narrow the focus to Western, Eastern, and indigenous practices. 
    • Compare the Native American and African religious experience.