2006 Outstanding Graduate Student Research Awards

  • Ms. Lisa Kugler
    Department of Psychology
    Methadone Maintenance Treatment and Its Effects on Executive Functioning
    Dr. William Meil, Advisor

    Mr. Moses Kwadzo
    Department of Sociology
    Dual Role of International Students Workers in the USA:A Qualitative Study of Stress and Coping
    Dr. Betsy Crane, Advisor

    Mr. Anthony B. Mitchell, Sr.
    Department of Professional Studies in Education
    A Case Study of Parent Involvement in a Suburban Western Pennsylvania Elementary School and Their Perceptions of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
    Dr. Wenfan Yan, Advisor

    Mr. John A. Lewis
    Department of Criminology
    Do Juvenile Drunk Driving Laws Really Work? An Interrupted Time-Series Analysis of Pennsylvania's Zero-Tolerance Juvenile Alcohol Law
    Dr. Randy Martin, Advisor

    Dr. Melissa Ricketts
    Department of Criminology
    An Empirical Assessment of Perceived Risk and Fear of School Violence Among K-12 Teachers
    Dr. Rosemary Gido, Advisor