2008 Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Service

  • Dr. John M. Engler

    Department of Safety Sciences

    College of Health and Human Services


    John Engler accepting award

    Pictured above, from left, are Mr. Mark Berezansky, Dr. John Eck, Dr. John Engler, Dr. Tony Atwater, and Dr. David Werner.

    Dr. John Engler is an associate professor in the Department of Safety Sciences and has been with IUP since 1983. He has served as the director for the Pennsylvania/OSHA Consultation Program since 1999 and served as the director of Education for the National Environmental Education and Training Center from 1995-1997. His commitment to IUP extends into curriculum development, as author of the first distance-education course in occupational health.

    Dr. Engler’s dedication to research and safety is apparent in his successful awards of more than $13.6 million in grants to fund the Pennsylvania/OSHA Consultation  Program. 

    Dr. Engler is a certified industrial hygienist and an American Board of Industrial Hygiene diplomat. He also serves the university on several committees, including the Research Institute Advisory Committee; Safety Sciences Department committees for search, tenure, and evaluation; and Pennsylvania/OSHA consultation committees for program, evaluation, search, and marketing/outreach.

    He has given eleven safety presentations at various conferences, in addition to being published several times in professional and peer-reviewed publications, dissertation, thesis, and technical reports.

    Dr. Engler’s honors include an Induction and Best Dissertation Award from Delta Omega National Honor Society.