Sponsored Program Awards 2014

  • Recipients of Sponsored Program Awards for 2014

    Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Research

    Dr. Jeffery Larkin , Department of Biology (front row, second from left). Dr. Larkin’s research focuses on understanding the ecology of threatened species or small populations. Specifically, it provides important insights into the effects of humans and our infrastructure on the sustainability or restoration of ecologically important wildlife species and their habitats.

    Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Center and Institute

    Dr. Louis Pesci , director of the Highway Safety Center (front row, second from right). Dr. Pesci’s center develops driver proficiency programs and provides Emergency Medical Technician training.

    Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Service

    Mr. Samuel Gualardo is the director of the PA-OSHA Consultation Program (back row, right), one of the 50 consultation programs within the U.S. and one of nine housed at a university. The program has been recognized consistently for exemplary service in helping Pennsylvania employers and workers by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

    IUP Research Institute Award for New Investigator

    Dr. Megan Knoch , Department of Biology (back row, left) recently worked with an interdisciplinary team to submit a successful funded MSF-MRI grant to establish a state-of-the-art Microscopy and Image Analysis Facility.

    Sponsored Programs Award for Outstanding Achievement in Curriculum and Instruction

    Dr. Jennifer Gossett , Department of Criminology (front row, left), Dr. William Oblitey, Department of Computer Science (front row, right), and Dr. Rosemary Shumba , Department of Computer Science (not in photo). The Cyber Catch Scholarship Program focuses on giving IUP students interested in information assurance the opportunities to gain professional and research experiences in this demanding and growing field.

    Graduate Dean’s Award for Outstanding Commitment to Sponsored Programs

    Dr. Gregory Kenning , Department of Physics (back row, center). PASSHE is sponsoring the development of a patent on a discovery he has made at IUP. It represents not only a new electronic device, but a new type of electronics. His current research is focused on developing methods of implementing this technology.