Supervisor of Pupil Services Certification

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    OPEN UP THROUGH PLAY   Students learn methods for connecting with children through practical experience at the Child Study Center, a psycho-educational clinic that serves as a training facility for graduate students in the School Psychology Program.

    Expand your credentials to include pupil services

    Students in the PhD in School Psychology program may take additional course work and field experiences toward certification by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a supervisor of pupil services.

    This optional program consists of many of the basic doctoral courses as well as additional courses in supervision of student clinicians (EDSP 949) and supervision and administration of pupil service functions. A total of 39 credits is required.

    Candidates for the certificate must also complete a pupil services project within a 260-hour internship in supervision of pupil services in a school district or intermediate unit. The program is open to doctoral students in school psychology and to others who hold a basic certificate in a pupil services area. Postdoctoral enrollments are also accepted.

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