Exit Criteria

  • The School Psychology program at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is designed to ensure that the practitioner who completes the program will have the knowledge base, the practitioner skills, and the professional qualities necessary to provide services and leadership within the schools and community to children and their families.

    In order to provide these services, the candidate for the certificate of Supervisor of Pupil Services must be:

    1. Knowledgeable in the field of pupil services, including all subspecialty areas (school psychology, guidance/counseling school nursing, school social worker, home/school visitor);
    2. Knowledgeable in the field of education and its research base and methods, with special emphasis on the education of exceptional children and adolescents;
    3. Skilled in psychoeducational assessment, diagnostics, interventions, academic and behavioral counseling, and consultation;
    4. Knowledgeable about the impact of family and community systems on the educational process and the learner, and how to work effectively with a diverse group of parents, teachers, and other professionals in the field;
    5. Knowledgeable about research and measurement theory and practice as a guide to the effective provision of pupil services.

    Students undergo review on a regular basis throughout the program and provision is made for developing a performance enhancement plan. In each course, there is a predetermined performance assessment that has been stipulated by the department. These assessments range from knowledge-based tests to more skills-oriented performance products.

    In addition to these regular course-embedded assessments, candidates also develop the following performance products, which are regularly evaluated:

    • Teacher consultation tape for EDSP 818 (previously EDSP 718) Instructional Consultation
    • Videos and/or direct observations of candidates providing supervision to clinicians engaging in assessment, interviewing, and feedback for EDSP 949 (previously EDSP 750) Practicum II
    • Supervision of clinicians writing psychoeducational reports for EDSP 949 (previously EDSP 750) Practicum II
    • Pupil Services Project for EDSP 952 (previously EDSP 751) Internship

    Faculty supervisors have regular contact with students on internship and interview them to ascertain their impressions regarding their preparation and areas of weakness and strength. On-site supervisors are also asked similar questions regarding the student’s strengths and needs. On-site supervisors complete intern evaluations for candidates who are completing the pupil services project as part of the doctoral school internship.

    To complete the certification program for the Supervisor of Pupil Services certificate, the candidate must complete all required courses with a grade of B or better; be rated as proficient on all assessment products, including the pupil services project; and pass the Praxis examination for this certificate.