August 31, 2010

  •  I.  Call to order
        In attendance:  Baumler, Boser, Deckert, Hyde, Intemann, Knight, Lewis, McCombie, Metz, Migyanka, Muchtar, Sechrist, Turner, Rost
        Excused:  Potts

    II.  Minutes from the April 13, 2010 meeting were approved on a Hyde/Migyanka motion.

    III. Co-Chairs Report
    A.  Gail Sechrist welcomed everyone to the committee and introductions were made
    B.  On a Migyanka/McCombie motion, Mary Lou Metz was elected Secretary.
           On a Hyde/Metz motion, Sallie McCombie was elected Co-Chair. 
    C.  Screening committees were formed and procedures for screening proposals were discussed. 
          Following are the screening committees for the 2010-2011 year:
    • Screening Committee 1:  Laura Knight, Todd Potts, John Lewis
    • Screening Committee 2:  Alan Baumler, Joann Migyanka, Micki Hyde
    • Screening Committee 3:  Nuhaya Muchtar, Sharon Deckert, Kevin Turner
    • Distance Ed. Committee:  Susan Boser
    D.   The following Handbook revisions were approved as corrected:
    • Deleted reference to CIP codes.
    • Addition of paragraph and line in the index about procedures for Dual-Level courses.  (see handout)
    • Flowchart for “Procedures for Approval of a New Program” was corrected to include UWUCC.
    • Flowchart for “Procedures for Approval of Program Revision” was corrected so that the College Curriculum Committee and College Dean Approval come before the Liberal Studies.
    • Addition of a paragraph about “Program Catalog Description Revisions.”

    IV.  Items for Review/Possible Actions:
     A.  There was no Honors College Committee Report.
     B.  The Liberal Studies Committee report as amended was received and approved:
    • Approved FIAR 101 Introduction to the Arts for the Liberal Studies Fine Arts Category.
    • Approved James Racchini to teach LBST 499 Sport: A Microcosm of Society.
    • Approved Laura Rhodes to teach LBST 499 Safe Living:  A Challenge in Modern Societies
    • Approved revisions to FRNC 201 College French I and FRNC 202 College French II which are Liberal Studies electives.
    • Approved Meghan Twiest to teach LBST 499 Values and Education in a Pluralistic American Society.
    • Approved David Doverspike to teach LBST 499 Childhood in America.
    • Approved a new course, LBST 499 Consumer Culture, to be taught by Lisa Sciulli, Varinder Sharma, and Rajendar Garg.
    C.  10-15C CDFR 224 Marriage and Family Relations course revision and catalog description change
    • Needs the NCATE matrix
    • Eliminate “to” at beginning of course description
    • Needs TECC approval
    • Needs Liberal Studies approval
    • Provisionally approved based upon completion of above items.  McCombie abstained.
    D.  10-15e CDFR 315 Introduction to Early Intervention, new course
    • Course description: Add “who are” to “who are birth to school-age”; replace “The course will” with “provides”
    • Use full name with acronyms in parentheses for Course Description as it is in the Outcomes
    • Approved on a Migyanka/Turner motion.  McCombie abstained.
    E.  10-15q CDFR 315 Introduction to Early Intervention, distance education
    • Approved on a Hyde/Lewis motion with the same changes as previous proposal.  McCombie abstained.
    H1.  10-17 DVST 095 Introduction to College Math II, course revision, catalog description change
    • Note regarding institutional, non-degree credit must appear in the catalog
    • Hours add to 42 which includes Final Exam.  Need to include Culminating Activity or add to hours to the outline and use the Final Exam as the culminating activity.
    • Evaluation Methods:  Midterm exam in 6th week but in the Course Outline it occurs after the 32nd hour.
    • Begin course description with “Designed”
    • Provisional approval given on a Lewis/McCombie based on completion of above items
    H2.  10-17 DVST 095 Introduction to College Math II, distance education
    • Concerns: 
    o students may not have engagement and self-discipline to be successful
    o methodologies – ‘discussion” as a method of learning mathematics
    o computer skills
    o retention of students who have difficult learning – need engagement
    o Does this committee have the authority to deny an online course even though the proposal is valid?
    o How do students get support?
    o Have other universities tackled this problem?
    • Tabled on a Hyde/Boser motion so that we can meet with DVST Dept. and others who may be able to provide info.

    Adjourned at 5:17.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Mary Lou Metz