Crimson Snapshot Campus Safety

  • Campus Police, Dorm Safety and Security Safety and security is a top priority at IUP. Our police department includes 21 armed, fully trained, and certified police officers who focus on proactive crime prevention as well as law enforcement.

    Safety services offered by the University Police and/or IUP include the following:

    • Emergency Notification System
    • Campus Police
    • A variety of personal safety seminars for students.
    • Security escorts as requested.
    • Patrol by vehicle, on foot, and on specially equipped bicycles.
    • Seventy-eight emergency telephones throughout the campus that connect directly to the police office and automatically dispatch officers to the scene.
    • An extensive emergency-notification system to alert students and employees via cell phone, text messaging, and email when an emergency situation occurs. More than 95 percent of IUP students have registered for this emergency-alert program.
    • Broadcasting of information and recommendations via a campus speaker system in serious emergencies.