Hispanic Heritage Council

  • The Hispanic Heritage Council serves as a dynamic resource group to promote diverse Hispanic participation across the campus. The group is committed to fostering the appreciation and understanding of the Hispanic culture through an outreach of efforts:

      Hispanic Heritage Compilation
    • Raise awareness of the Hispanic culture and Spanish language on the IUP campus by hosting and commemorating Hispanic events.
    • Serve as a networking help resource center for Latino students in order to retain them on the IUP campus and help them succeed in their studies at IUP.
    • Encourage Latino students to participate in the Hispanic Heritage Council and help them develop leadership skills through a tutoring and mentoring program.
    • Promote academic diversity on the IUP campus.
    • Raise community awareness of Hispanics and/or diversity via involvement in the sponsored events.  

    For Further Information

    Please contact hispanicheritage-council@iup.edu.

    Hispanic Flags