Minor in Sociology, General Sociology

  • Understand Your Field Better By Supplementing It with Sociology

    The 18-credit minor in Sociology General Track attempts to broadly educate those students who may wish to add a basic understanding of social concepts to their major. Students may want to pursue graduate training in sociology and make sociology a secondary career path in addition to pursuing work in their primary field. The General Track gives students the broadest possible training in sociology.

    Required Courses: 6cr

    • SOC 151 — Principles of Sociology - 3cr
    • SOC 320 — Sociological Theory - 3cr

    Controlled Electives: 3cr

    • One course from the following: SOC 361, 362, 363

    Additional courses: 9cr

    • Three additional courses in SOC/SOWK, at least one of which must be 300-level or above.