Minor in Sociology, Human Services

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    Determine the Root of the Problems that Persist in Your Field

    The Human Services Track in sociology seeks to help students understand the causes of many of the problems that plague modern societies, such as poverty, racial discrimination, substance abuse, and domestic violence.

    This 18-credit minor is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to apply the skills of various human services areas (e.g., juvenile delinquency, medical sociology, gerontology, and interpersonal dynamics and family sociology) in their main fields of study.

    Required Courses: 9 credits

    • SOC 151 — Principles of Sociology - 3 credits
    • SOC 391 — Foundations of Sociological Practice - 3 credits
    • SOC 392 — Clinical Sociological Practice - 3 credits

    Controlled Electives: 9 credits

    • One course from the following: SOC 320, SOC 361
    • Two additional courses in SOC (Sociology) or SOWK (Social Work), at least one of which must be a 300-level course or above.