Student Opportunities in Sociology

  • Notes for seedlings

    SEEDS REACH OUT — “This project required me to work with the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank, the local Community Garden, and a few local food pantries to distribute seeds and seedlings to food bank patrons.,” said Chiara Ebig, Class of 2017, Sociology, General Track, who participated in the Seedling Project.

    What’s Happening for Sociology Majors

    Sociology majors can engage in activities outside of the classroom that deepen their commitment to their area of expertise.

    Sociology Club

    The mission of the Sociology Club is to help improve society as well as life for those on campus and in the community by the use of education and volunteer activities. It also provides opportunities for learning about society and about the role that sociology can positively contribute to society through active participation and public service.  

    AKD Theta Chapter

    The Alpha Kappa Delta (AKD) Theta Chapter Honors Society gives you the opportunity to improve your academic standing while contributing to projects that are intended to find applicable solutions to social problems in every community.