Student Affairs Achievements

  • 2017-2018 SA-TECH Achievements
    To support the Division of Student Affairs technology needs and be an advocate for student technology needs across the university.
    2017-2018 SA-Communications Achievements
    Through collaboration focused on learning and achievement, IUP’s Student Affairs Division offers student-centered services, programs, and experiences which promote excellence, stimulate discovery, celebrate differences, and challenge students’ growth, development, involvement, and success.
    2017-2018 OHRLD Achievements
    The Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining (OHRLD) provides well-maintained residential & dining facilities, supported by a highly trained staff who promote the growth of students through opportunities for engagement & autonomy within an inclusive community of learners.
    2017-2018 MCSLE Achievements.
    and maximizes potential collaboration between diverse student populations and recognized student organizations. The nature of the center encourages programming that is wide-ranging, capitalizes on shared resources for the benefit of serving all students, encourages mindful collaboration of the importance of inclusion in multicultural programs, and allows more purposeful planning of events through a unified calendar. MCSLE reflects Middle States Accreditation review recommendations, as well as interviews with faculty and staff.
    2017-2018 COOP-Student Cooperative Association, Inc. Achievements
    The Student Cooperative Association at Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a non-profit organization owned and operated by a community  of activity-fee paying members that provides facilities, activities and services to enhance the social, cultural, recreational, and learning experience for the university community.
    2017-2018 CHWB-HWP Achievements
    A program encouraging students to make healthy and informed lifestyle choices. Health & Wellness Promotions also provides a variety of intervention services and referrals to meet students’ physical, social, mental, spiritual and environmental health needs.
    2017-2018 CHWB-Health Service Achievements
    The Health Service is a proud member of the Student Affairs Division at IUP. Skilled, competent, caring health professionals provide patient education and medical services to students. These are designed to improve students' wellness and sustain their health. Our goal is to help students be successful in their academic endeavors. As members of both the IUP and health-care communities, the health service staff works collaboratively to identify and advocate for student needs and to provide appropriate high-quality, cost-effective responses.
    2017-2018 Athletic Achievements
    IUP Intercollegiate Athletics provides a high-quality athletic experience for the student-athlete to enhance his/her education and develop lifetime skills.
    2017-2018 Assessment Achievements
    The Division identified six strategic objectives for  2017-2018.  Each objective used an accountability matrix that described its relationship to the IUP strategic Plan, and included tactics, measurable outcomes, and an accountability plan with multiple success indicators, targets, and data sources to provide evidence of achievement.