Hub Club

  • The 2014-15 Hub Club members are graduates of the last decade who have supported IUP with gifts of $250 to $499.

    Thomas Baker '05

    Gregory Bauman

    Nurun Begum M'04, D'07 and Mahfuzul Khondaker M'00, D'04

    Thomas Bogacz '05

    Philip Brannen M'06†

    Mark Collins Jr. '06†

    Robert Conrad '08

    Nicholas Conroy '08†

    Ross Eagles M'05

    Amaechi Ezekoye '08

    Meredith Giantsos '07†

    Matthew Gorzalski '07 and Joy Flowers Gorzalski '07†

    Dorothy Gracey M'05, D'10

    Albert Harrison M'12

    Thomas Jones '07, M'08, M'13

    Laura Krulikowski M'09

    Sara Lawer '06, M'08 and Andrew Lawer†

    John Makara D'12 and Kalina Makara

    Lauren McDermott '08

    Christopher McGinnis '06 and Heather Arters McGinnis '06

    Michael Moyer '04 and Billie Barnes Moyer '04

    K. S. Prasad M'08

    Edel Reilly D'07 and Gian Pagnucci

    Matthew Selnekovic '06

    William Stanhagen '05 and Jessica Nied Stanhagen '07

    Zoe Thorkildsen '07

    Kimberly Wick '12, M'14 and Charles Wick

    Junlue Zhang M'07 and Joan Zhang


    †Loyalty Society Member

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