2014-15 John Sutton Society

  • The 2014-15 John Sutton Society recognizes those who gave $10,000 or more.   

    Lorna Milkovich Abernathy '83 and Justin Abernathy


    Robyn Ashbridge-McAneny M'08 and Bernard Lockard Jr.†

    Jane Miller Banks '56†

    Robert Basehore Jr. '71 and Kathie Kuvinka Basehore '71†

    James Boytim* '59, M'66 and Joan Frey Boytim '55, M'64†

    Tim Cejka '73 and Debra Phillips Cejka '73†

    Brian Claypoole '02 and Angelique Claypoole

    Nancy McElroy de Brier '62 and Donald de Brier†

    Josh Doverspike and Julie Doverspike

    Michael Driscoll and Rebecca Driscoll

    Shirley Ullom Filcik '53†

    Jaw Fu and Eva Fu

    Frederick Garbinski '65 and Judith Garbinski

    Barry Gasdek '64 and Rita Gasdek

    Daniel Griffith '70, M'72 and Diane Griffith†

    Robert Hamilton '54, M'64†

    Florence Lattimer Helwig

    Joseph Holuta '80 and Jayne Wallwork Holuta '78

    G. Bruce Jenkins†

    Judith Geyer Kovalchick '65, M'69 and Joseph Kovalchick

    Jane Ramsey Logan '63 and H. Morris Logan†

    Rhonda Luckey and Alan Luckey '87, M'89†

    Edward Mackey and Cecelia Mackey†

    Pamela Hale McGuire '69 and John McGuire†

    Thomas Miller '51 and Corinne Miller

    Jack H. Reefer Jr. '69†

    Joseph Reschini and Anna-Marie Reschini†

    Nellie Byers Reynolds '48†

    William Rusnack '66 and Marsha Zamberlan Rusnack '66†

    Terry Serafini '61 and Janet Serafini

    Stephen Sheetz†

    Randall Sheetz '77 and Holly Sheetz†

    Scott Smith and Susan Smith

    John Stamp '76

    Frederick Streams '55†

    Edward Sims '53†

    William G. Wagner '69 and Diane Wynn Wagner '69†

    Gealy Wallwork†

    Andrew Wallwork II M'89 and Patricia Goble Wallwork '78

    Scott Weber '88, M'89

    David White and Peggy White

    Ann G. Wilmoth†

    Theodore Young '89 and Sheila Wisnewski Young '90

    Alice Zaucha M'85 and Thomas Zaucha†



    †Loyalty Society Member

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