2015-16 President's Council

  • The 2015-16 President's Council members made commitments to IUP of between $1,250 and $2,499.

  • Lorna Milkovich Abernathy '83 and Justin Abernathy

    Suzanne Smeltzer Adams '68 and Raymond Adams†

    Judith Ahern '67†

    Levent Akbay and Mary Beth Akbay†

    Barbara Morrison Albanese '86 and Joseph Albanese

    Jean DePietress Allegrini '88†

    Robert Anderson '67 and Bonnie Anderson

    Anonymous (19)

    Mark Arbuckle and Laura Arbuckle†

    Paul Arpaia

    Yaw Asamoah and Carol Asamoah†

    Douglas Baker '86 and Julie Richter†

    William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98†

    Charles Baltzer†

    Theodore Banks and Connie Banks

    James Begany†

    Michael Bell '04 and Destiny Bell

    William Bell '02†

    John E. Benhart Jr and Jacque S. Nygren Benhart M'98†

    Michael Bertness '88 and Denise Haverty Bertness '86†

    Mark Bickert '87 and Lisa Bickert†

    Prashanth Bharadwaj and Jaya Rao†

    M. Kaye Bird M'92 and Gary Bird

    Daniel Birnley '72

    Holly Boda-Sutton and William Sutton†

    Paul Bolig Jr. '71, M'73 and Jo Ann Bolig†

    Mark Bolinger '77 and Linda Bolinger

    Helene Boroch '76†

    Susan Boser and David Brady

    Clare Bretz '69 and Thomas Sullivan†

    Amy Bria '87†

    Lonie Brice M'89 and Todd Brice

    Thomas Briggle '68 and Fayetta Briggle†

    L. Edwin Brown M'77

    Kimberly Burch

    Frank Burke '74 and Karen Burke†

    Ryan Burr '96 and Autumn Burr

    Robert Camp†

    James Carino

    Robert Carlson '73 and Susan Carlson†

    Phillip Carrai '83 and Angela Carrai

    Suzanne Johansson Cawley '92 and James Cawley

    Vidvuds Celtnieks and Jenna-Marie Celtnieks†

    Allen Childs '81 and Glenda Riley-Childs

    George Chressanthis '77

    Frank Cignetti Sr. '60, M'65 and Marlene Cignetti†

    Gerald Clark '69 and Cheryl Dunlap Clark '68†

    James Clarke '78 and Rosemary Clarke†

    Susan Clarke-Johnson '80

    Hope Coblentz M'85†

    Mark Collins Jr. '06†

    Francis Condino and Martha Condino†

    James Victor Conrad '87 and Debbie Conrad

    J. Doyle Corman Jr. '57 and Rebecca Corman

    George Cornwell III and Armin Cornwell

    Clifford Cox '56, M'59, M'68 and Joanne Hill Cox '58†

    Virginia Crider†

    Jeremy Critchfield and Lisa Critchfield

    Mary Cunningham

    Paul Curry Jr. '82 and Eileen Curry

    Thomas Curtiss Jr. and Helma Curtiss†

    Alyssa Dachowicz

    William Dannecker '61 and Lois Dannecker

    Sherri Raihall Darver '79 and Alan Darver†

    Janet Daugherty '63 and Donald Daugherty

    Daniel David '82 and Michele Reader David '83

    Barry Day '72 and Sue-Ann Roades

    Jeffrey Deane and Pamela Deane

    Richard DeBastiani '61 and Iris Chapman DeBastiani '61

    Donna Prosper DeFilippi '78 and Albert DeFilippi

    Laura Delbrugge and Mark Staszkiewicz†

    Matthew Denver and Elise Denver

    Michael Dettorre '82 and Jeanne Dettorre

    Rebecca McDonald Deutsch '81 and Thomas Deutsch†

    Sandra Hoover Diefenderfer '67 and William Diefenderfer III†

    Karen Morris Dillon '63 and Roy Dillon†

    Michael Donnelly and Linda Donnelly†

    Michael Drexler Jr. '99 and Lisa Vacchiano Drexler '99†

    David Duckett '75 and Joan Duckett†

    Donald Eisen and Barbara Eisen†

    Carole Eppinger

    Kelly Eschbach '86

    John Esposito '78 and Chantel Esposito

    Lisa Heinauer Evans '76 and Stephen Evans†

    Harold Everett '97 and Annmarie Minich Everett '94†

    Joseph Fadden '89 and Melinda Reed Fadden '89

    Beverly H. Fazio†

    Richard Ferguson '62†

    Cassie Fish '06†

    John Frank '58 and Jeannette Frank†

    Elizabeth Illar Fry '71 and Edwin Fry

    David Frye '79 and Linda Frye†

    Mario Gabelli

    Gene Gaige M'77 and Kathleen Gaige

    Thomas Gathers '77 and Melanie Overman Gathers '78†

    Mary Mondrick Gatti M'70 and William Gatti†

    Sharyl Unrath Giel '76 and James Giel Jr. †

    John Gilly '79 and Jane McMahon-Gilly†

    Beverly Bartzer Glendening '77 and Robert Glendening†

    J. Todd Good and Paula Good†

    Sherman Good '57, M'63 and Elaine Good†

    Barry Goldin and Cheryl Sterman

    Luis Gonzalez†

    Robin A. Gorman and Kay L. Gorman†

    William Grant '75 and Mary Grant†

    Robert Green '54†

    Carol Greene D'01†

    Elizabeth Gregg†

    Terry Griffith '74 and Donna McCrea Griffith '74, M'77†

    Terry Guthrie '70, M'72†

    Thomas Hadley '74 and Pamela Luttmers

    Trevor Hadley '68 and Cheryl Borck-Hadley†

    William Hadley M'70 and Georgeann Kattic Hadley '69

    Paul Haines '94 and Robin Haines†

    Sandra Nibling Hammonds '67 and Lawrence Hammonds†

    Edward Hartman '86 and Lori Herzing Hartman '87

    Daniel Henry '84 and Lauri Ziglear Henry '84†

    John Henry '69 and Carol Highberger Henry '68, M'89†

    Philip Henry '81, M'82 and Beth Andrews Henry '84, M'86†

    Jo-Ann Taylor Herrick '72 and John Herrick

    Larry Hevner '70 and Marian Hevner

    Martin Higgins and Valorie Higgins

    Becky Hilditch '05 and Douglas Hilditch

    Adam Hinds '97 and Kelly Hinds†

    W. David Hoff and Kim Hoff†

    Mary Kennedy Hogan '11, '74 and Donald Hogan†

    Scott Horton '87 and Shelley Owens Horton '89†

    Dale Hosack '81 and Jo Hosack†

    Barbara Snyder Hoskins '51 and Donald Hoskins†

    Amy Hovan '95, M'13 and Steven Hovan†

    Mary Hovanec '73 and Howard Miska†

    Donna Carlson Howard '69 and Greg Howard

    Patrick Imbrogno '78 and Denise Spangler Imbrogno '78†

    Tom Ingram '63 and Mollie Ingram†

    Ann Roberts Jesick M'80 and Randy Jesick†

    John Jevicky Sr. '76 and Lyn Jevicky

    Audrey Vogan Johnson '52†

    James Jozefowicz and Stephanie Jozefowicz†

    Adrienne Kapisak '65†

    David Karl '64, M'68 and Elizabeth Karl†

    Marcus Keegan '95

    Gloria Hullihen Kerr '70, M'75, D'96 and M. Dale Kerr†

    John Kilmarx and Beth Kilmarx†

    Christopher King '87†

    Frank Kinter Jr. and Hastie Kinter†

    Francis Kish '60 and Judith Kish†

    Bruce Knickelbein '73 and Becky Graham Knickelbein '74, M'85

    John Kopchick '72, M'75 and Char Labay Kopchick '73†

    Barbara Seelhorst Kornet '75 and Jon Sesso

    Joseph Kovalchick '70, M'76

    Mileah Kromer '03 and Michael Madden '02

    Michael Krueger '79 and Mary Krueger†

    Lisa Kruse '86

    Kenneth Kunkle '86 and Lora Fulton Kunkle '91†

    Daniel Kupas '88†

    Daniel Kuta '82 and Joanne Gray Kuta '83, '85†

    Donald Kuty '69†

    Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andrew Kuzneski III†

    William LaFranchi and Sylvia LaFranchi

    Erick Lauber and Elizabeth Lauber


    †Loyalty Society Member

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  • Mary Leidman and David Golub†

    Michael Lemasters and Karen Lemasters†

    Ada Greening Lewis '54, M'66 and Charles Lewis

    Charles Leyh '80 and Cynthia Leyh

    Joshua Liss '92 and Nicole Barger†

    Larry Lockard and Mary Lockard†

    Beth Longenecker '87

    Dorothy Sullivan Love '81†

    Lara Luetkehans

    Gary Madich '77 and Cynthia Madich†

    Joyce Magee M'80 and Richard Magee†

    Michael Magee

    Elizabeth Marcus

    Maura Mittelhauser Marcus '90, M'01 and Robert Marcus†

    Daniel Markey '77 and Linda Markey†

    James Martin and Marcella Martin

    Martha Keller Masson '76 and Richard Masson†

    David Maudie '87 and Carol Maudie

    Erec Maziarz and Patricia Maziarz

    David McClymont '84 and Kathleen Lewis McClymont '84

    Skip McGreevy '71†

    Barry McKnight

    William Mechling and Darla Mechling†

    Judith Meister '80 and Andrew Newcomb†

    Patrick Mikesell '62†

    James Mill and Bonnie Mill†

    William Miller '79, M'03 and Arlene Lenzi Miller '78

    James Milligan '01 and Becky Boarts Milligan '01, M'03†

    Christian Minich '12 and Jamie Mead Minich '12

    Kathleen Stadelmyer Mitchell '71 and John Mitchell

    Casey Moore '75 and Janice Moore

    John Morris '71†

    Ralph Morris '69†

    Barbara Morycz '72†

    John Mowrer III '71 and Anna Mowrer

    Thomas Murry '64 and Marie-Pierre Murry†

    Wendy Naman '92†

    Vinod Nayyar and Jane Nayyar

    David Neal '85 and Sue Neal

    David Okopal '91

    Edward Onderick and Catherine Onderick†

    Lloyd Onyett D'11 and Estelle Onyett†

    Thomas Oswald '65†

    Gregory Palchak '73 and Elaine Marince Palchak '74†

    Dorothy Palmer '57†

    Michele Dougherty Papakie '93†

    Raymond Parker '72 and Deborah Parker

    Leo Paterra '77†

    Joseph Peduzzi '87 and Christine Scott Peduzzi '88

    Wesley Perich '73 and Cecile Kelley Perich '74

    L. Ronald Peters '65 and Andrea Fleischer Peters '65†

    Paul Phillips '93

    Sam Phillips '91 and Lisa Phillips†

    Edward Platt and Olga Platt†

    Ruth Podbielski†

    Richard Pontius '76 and Sharon Pontius

    Daniel Powers '70 and Cathy Glassford Powers '70

    Judith Gonsowski Radlinsky '84 and Raymond Radlinsky

    Bennett Rafoth and Mary Ann Rafoth

    Margaret DiDonato Reagan '85 and Peter Reagan†

    Edel Reilly D'07 and Gian Pagnucci†

    Tina Richardson '84

    Robert Riggie '05†

    Donald Rinchuse '69†

    Keith Rittle '91 and Kathleen Rittle†

    Frank Roberts and Sharon Roberts

    Fred Roberts and Margaret Roberts

    Catherine Rodgers '71†

    Patricia Kulp Rooney '86 and Patrick Rooney Jr.

    James Rose Jr. '90 and Eric Gutierrez

    Donald Rosenberger

    Rodney Ruddock '65, M'75 and Ellen Sylves Ruddock '66†

    Melinda Campbell Rudibaugh '70 and Gerald Rudibaugh

    Joseph Saffron '63 and Merceda Biordi Saffron '65†

    Dorothy Salsgiver

    Sam Scavo '61†

    Martha Sanderson Scheeren '65†

    Gregg Schmidt '78 and Sharon Ammons-Schmidt

    Joan Schmitt†

    Darlene Groka Schoenly '71, M'76 and Herbert Schoenly Jr. †

    Thomas Selby '75†

    Tracy Settle '80 and Sheri Settle†

    Jeremiah Shanahan '88 and Kristen Dean Shanahan '91†

    Randall Sheetz '77 and Holly Sheetz†

    William Shipley '75 and Judith Shipley

    Daniel Shively and Joanne Shively†

    Jeffrey Shockey '80 and Debra Shockey

    Bedford Silvey '62 and Marilyn Silvey†

    Ronald Simkins '58 and Patricia Brown Simkins '55

    Kristin Dendtler Simons '84 and Gary Simons†

    John Simpson '79 and Darlene Frye Simpson '80

    Jean Sabolovich Sledzik '61 and Herman Sledzik†

    Paula Smeltz AA'93 and William Smeltz†

    Anna Marie Geisler Smith '90†

    Samuel Smith and Donna Smith†

    Saundra Shea Smith '71

    Paul Smocer '74 and Susan Seftic Smocer '75†

    Andrew Snyder '00

    Jo-Una Spadafora†

    William Speidel III and Barbe Speidel†

    George Spinelli '68 and Linda Spinelli

    Rebecca Stossel Stapleton '84 and Walter Stapleton Jr. M'87†

    Andrew Stephenson '72 and Cynthia Stephenson†

    Judith Kralik Sterner '69 and Stephen Sterner†

    Douglas Steve '92, M'93 and Julie Steve†

    Gregory Steve '88 and A. Regina Gover Steve '88

    Robert Stewart '81 and Donna Smith Stewart '81

    Wanda Stitt-Gohdes '70 and William Gohdes†

    Robert Stonebraker and Annie-Laurie Wheat

    Susan Giles Stonebraker '68†

    William Sugra and El Sugra†

    Kerry Wolfe Sunderland '88 and Daniel Sunderland†

    Michael Supinka and Vivian Supinka†

    Mary Swinker†

    C. Robert Tate '69 and Brenda Tate†

    Debora Ranieri Tate '89 and Louis Tate†

    Bethany Tate-Cornell '88 and Scott Cornell

    Suzanne Kuhn Teele '82 and Edward Teele†

    Gwendolyn Torges

    John Trettel '55 and G. Yvonne Galli Trettel '54†

    James Truman and Gale Truman

    Richard Ubinger '81 and Lori Ubinger†

    Debra Valentine-Gray†

    Ronald Van Raaphorst '75

    Robert Vetock M'92†

    Larry Vold and Edwina Vold†

    Douglas Vore '85, M'99†

    Jeffrey Wacker and Therese Wacker

    Jeffrey Waller '85

    Bryan Warner '85 and Sandra Backes Warner '85

    Cindy Rhine Watta '75, M'79 and Robert Watta†

    David Weaver '60 and Constance Weaver

    Robert Wilburn and Patricia Wilburn†

    Adeline Jones Wilk '56†

    David Williams '79 and Nancy Williams†

    Mary Williams '76 and George Martin†

    Michael Williams '77 and Rosanne Durica Williams '76, M'77†

    James Wilson†

    Thomas Windram '77 and Martha Weltman Windram '78†

    Harold Wingard and Elizabeth Wingard

    William Witherup '66, M'69

    Lenora Saxton Woodard M'76 and Melvin Woodard†

    Cornelius Wooten and Clarice Wooten†

    Alice Young M'79†

    Gilbert Zilner and Joan Zilner†