Willis Pratt Society, 2015-16 Summary of Giving

  • In 2015-16, members of the Willis Pratt Society supported IUP with gifts ranging from $5,000 to $9,999.

    Stephen Abel '73†

    Anonymous (4)

    David Antolik '88 and Elizabeth Ferguson Antolik M'04

    Elaine Berry M'67†

    John Bonya '70 and Beverly Gazza Bonya '70†

    George Braunegg '79 and Janet Braunegg

    Richard Caruso '83†

    Charles Cashdollar '65 and Donna Cashdollar†

    Craig Cox '79†

    Stanley DeGory and Betsy DeGory†

    Blane Dessy '73

    Nancy Tenney Doverspike '77, M'79 and Lynn Doverspike†

    Michael Driscoll and Rebecca Driscoll

    Terry Dunlap '81 and Mary Jo Dunlap†

    Frederick Garbinski '65 and Judith Garbinski

    Grady Gaspar '77 and Carol Zeh Gaspar '78

    Linda Clemmer Hagey '65 and Donald Hagey†

    Chris Holuta '89 and Luci Scerbo Holuta '89

    Richard Hoskinson '60 and Lin Ace Hoskinson†

    Velda Hughes*

    Robert Kane '90 and Kristen Kane†

    Larry Kubala '80 and Barbara Bentrim Kubala '68, M'73†

    Louis Kushner

    Mary Leisher Leipheimer '66†

    Jane Ramsey Logan '63 and H. Morris Logan†

    Maria Markovich '74 and Gregory Shutske†

    Pat Mazanek '73, M'82 and Patti Shannahan Mazanek '74, M'86†

    Karl McDermott '76 and Deirdre McDermott

    Gwendolyn Howard Miller '60 and Arthur Miller

    Paul Miller '74 and Susan Walker Miller '74

    Robert Millward and Kathleen Millward†

    Douglas Niesen '87

    Michele Wippich Norwood M'92†

    Eugene O'Sullivan '71 and Saundra O'Sullivan†

    Roy Parkinson and Natalie Parkinson

    John Pettina '87 and Cathy Jones Pettina '87†

    Mark Piwinsky and Dolores Brzycki†

    Michael Powers and Heather Powers†

    William Richardson '81†

    James Self '65 and Jamiela Self†

    Stephen Sheetz†

    Robert Strouse '70 and Susan Strouse†

    Steven Tunink†

    Thomas Wallace '80†

    Timothy Wallace '79 and Lee Wallace

    Patricia Young '63, M'70

    Michael Zang '73 and Karen Focht Zang '73

    Alice Zaucha M'85 and Thomas Zaucha†



    †Loyalty Society Member

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