Willis Pratt Society, 2017-18

  • In 2017–18, members of the Willis Pratt Society supported IUP with gifts ranging from $5,000 to $9,999.

    Anonymous (4)

    Nadav Baum ’86 and Nancy Wallace Baum ’83

    William Beck

    John Benson ’88 and Susan Benson

    John Bonya ’70 and Beverly Gazza Bonya ’70

    Thomas Brice and Priscilla Brice

    Mark Piwinsky and Dolores Brzycki

    Richard Cassel

    John Conrad ’58 and Barbara Conrad

    Craig Cox ’79

    Thomas Curtiss Jr. and Helma Curtiss

    Terry Dunlap ’81 and Mary Jo Dunlap

    Peter Eilbott and Joan Eilbott

    Derek Fairman ’03 and Lindsay Fairman

    Joyce Ritenour Fairman ’76, M’84

    David Fluharty and Vickie Fluharty

    Grady Gaspar ’77 and Carol Zeh Gaspar ’78

    Linda Clemmer Hagey ’65 and Donald Hagey

    Patricia Hartwell M’88

    Chris Holuta ’89 and Luci Scerbo Holuta ’89

    Scott Horton ’87 and Shelley Owens Horton ’89

    Donna Carlson Howard ’69

    Robert Kane ’90 and Kristen Kane

    David Karl ’64, M’68 and Elizabeth Karl

    Walter Lewis Jr. ’70 and Suzanne Lamm Lewis ’71

    Donald Mash ’64

    Pat Mazanek ’73, M’82 and Patti Shannahan Mazanek ’74, M’86

    Gwendolyn Howard Miller ’60 and Arthur Miller

    Paul Miller ’74 and Susan Walker Miller ’74

    Douglas Niesen ’87

    Michele Wippich Norwood M’92

    Eugene O’Sullivan ’71 and Saundra O’Sullivan

    Dorothy Palmer ’57

    John Pettina ’87 and Cathy Jones Pettina ’87

    Martha Piwinsky

    Edward Platt and Olga Platt

    Michael Powers and Heather Powers

    Kathleen Darkes Prokay ’69

    Daniel Radakovich Jr. ’80 and Marcia Radakovich

    William Richardson ’81

    Ruth Riesenman ’64

    William Scheeren ’68 and Judith Scheeren

    Kenneth Sosnick ’03 and Jennifer Olsen

    Charles Spadafora and Linda Spadafora

    Donna Streifthau

    Robert Strouse ’70 and Susan Strouse

    Suphavadi Sunhachawi-Taylor ’87 and James Taylor ’86

    Cindy Rhine Watta ’75, M’79 and Robert Watta

    Jim Wiley and Jackie Wiley ’69, M’77

    Ann G. Wilmoth

    Terry Yosie ’74 and Ann Hegnauer


    Loyalty Society member

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