Trustees Council, 2018–19

  • In 2018–19, Trustees Council recognizes those who have given to IUP gifts of $2,500 to $4,999.

    Anonymous (9)

    Robert Bachman '65†

    Kevin Bailey '86, M'90

    William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98†

    Gretchen Barbor M'85 and John Barbor†

    William N Bell '02, M'18†

    Elaine Berry M'67†

    David Bidwell and Patricia Bidwell†

    David Bluemling '85 and Sheila Mowry Bluemling '85†

    Jeffrey Bobich '93 and Angela Bobich†

    Bernard Bruns '68 and Margaret Pavolko Bruns '67†

    Mark Piwinsky and Dolores Brzycki†

    Victor Campbell III '68†

    John Carr '83†

    Amy McMillin Conjelko '90 and Brian Conjelko†

    Thomas Curtiss Jr. and Helma Curtiss†

    Charles DeCarlo '10

    David Dolinger '69, '73 and Elva Growden Dolinger '73†

    Linda Houk Double '67 and William Double†

    Mary Jo Dressel '82†

    David Elko '76 and Constance Elko†

    Howard Fargo '51 and June Fargo†

    J. Clifford Forrest III and Tracy Forrest†

    Eleanor Mihalyi Gallati '54 and Walter Gallati†

    William Greene

    Mark Holman '79 and Sonia Holman†

    Chuck Houser '82 and Regan Houser†

    Amy Hovan '95, M'13 and Steven Hovan†

    Daniel Jack '79 and Carolyn Jack†

    Mary Ann Hoysan Jacobs '68, M'93†

    Ann Roberts Jesick M'80 and Randy Jesick†

    Matthew Jones

    James Jozefowicz and Stephanie Jozefowicz†

    Alex Juhasz and Rosemary Juhasz†

    Beatrice Kerridge '91†

    Daniel Kuta '82 and Joanne Gray Kuta '83, '85†

    Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andrew Kuzneski III†

    William LaFranchi

    Maura Mittelhauser Marcus '90, M'01 and Robert Marcus†

    Maria Markovich '74 and Gregory Shutske

    Jamie Flick Martin '87, M'93, D'00 and Randy Martin†

    Donald Mash '64†

    Karl McDermott '76 and Deirdre McDermott†

    Sean McLanahan '92 and Diane McLanahan

    James Miller '87†

    James Miller and Nancy Miller†

    James Milligan '01 and Becky Boarts Milligan '01, M'03†

    Wendy Naman '92†

    David Neal '85 and Sue Neal

    John Pettina '87 and Cathy Jones Pettina '87†

    Wallace Putt '69 and Donna Dickie Putt '69†

    John Reid

    Brittnei Rizzo '06 and Bryan Force

    James Rose Jr. '90 and Eric Gutierrez†

    Rodney Ruddock '65, M'75 and Ellen Sylves Ruddock '66†

    Daniel Sarver '90 and Lisa Edgar Sarver '91†

    Joseph W. Serene III†

    Jeremiah Shanahan '88 and Kristen Dean Shanahan '91†

    Garrett Shank '01 and Heather Devlin Shank '04, M'06†

    William Shipley '75 and Judith Shipley†

    John Simpson '79 and Darlene Frye Simpson '80†

    Paula Smeltz AA'93 and William Smeltz†

    David Snyder '72 and Sandra J Ford Snyder '73

    Carolyn Armrose Snyder '81 and Mark Snyder

    Kenneth Sosnick '03 and Jennifer Olsen†

    Charles Spadafora and Linda Spadafora†

    Judith Kralik Sterner '69 and Stephen Sterner†

    Susan Giles Stonebraker '68†

    James Taylor

    Gwendolyn Torges†

    Robert Vetock M'92†

    Timothy Wallace '79 and Lee Wallace

    Thomas Wallace '80†

    David Walzak '71 and Rebecca Blocker Walzak '70

    Alice Zaucha M'85 and Thomas Zaucha†


    Loyalty Society member

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