Future Leaders Council, 2019–20

  • The 2019-20 Future Leaders Council members are current students who have made commitments to IUP of $100 and above.

    Kaan Akbay
    Alamir Alsakka
    Anonymous (2)
    Carolyn Appleby
    Nathan Blankenbicker
    Eric Bray
    Sean Bray
    Janell Brinser
    Bryce Fedak
    Daniel Good
    Donald Grimes
    Shannon Hartigan
    Amy Heckman
    Mark Hoffman
    Seamus Horan
    Devin Jeffries
    Joseph Kopp
    Rachel Kovach
    Brian Loftus
    Nicholas Pammer
    Clinton Pearsall
    Ryan Rajnath
    Dylan Ruefle
    Anthony Santilli
    Mario Sartori
    Brian Sateriale
    Jeremy Serafini
    Kevin Smith
    Angela Townsend
    Brian Uhrin
    Nathan Vattilana
    David Wright
    Denise Yarwood


    Loyalty Society Member

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