Trustees Council, 2019–20

  • In 2019–20, Trustees Council recognizes those who have given to IUP gifts of $2,500 to $4,999.

    Barbara Morrison Albanese '86 and Joseph Albanese†
    Anonymous (8)
    Kevin Bailey '86, M'90
    Don Baker M'72†
    William Balint '88 and Amy Balint '98†
    Amanda Bartell
    William N Bell '02, M'18†
    Elaine Berry M'67†
    Jeffrey Bobich '93 and Angela Bobich†
    Gregory Booth '71 and Cheryl Booth
    Robert Caldwell
    Victor Campbell III '68†
    Allen Childs '81 and Glenda Riley-Childs†
    Amy McMillin Conjelko '90 and Brian Conjelko†
    Thomas Curtiss Jr. and Helma Curtiss†
    C. David Deabenderfer and Linda Deabenderfer†
    David Dolinger '69, '73 and E. Jean Growden Dolinger '73†
    Linda Houk Double '67 and William Double†
    Mary Jo Dressel '82†
    David Elko '76 and Constance Elko†
    J Thomas Frantz '73, M'77, D'00
    Joseph Gallagher and Susan Gallagher†
    Terry Griffith '74 and Donna McCrea Griffith '74, M'77†
    Terry Guthrie '70, M'72†
    David Holben '85 and Lisa Holben†
    Mark Holman '79†
    Scott Horton '87 and Shelley Owens Horton '89†
    Chuck Houser '82 and Regan Houser†
    John Hranitz '63, M'70, D'73†
    James Jozefowicz and Stephanie Jozefowicz†
    Alex Juhasz and Rosemary Juhasz†
    Leonard Kasubick and Nancy Kasubick†
    John Kengla '67, M'72†
    Beatrice Kerridge '91†
    Daniel Kuta '82 and Joanne Gray Kuta '83, '85†
    Laurie Frisina Kuzneski '93 and Andrew Kuzneski III†
    Jane Ramsey Logan '63 and H. Morris Logan†
    Elaine Lytle Mead '70 and James Mead†
    Donald Mash '64†
    Patricia Curran McCarthy '89, D'15 and Thomas McCarthy†
    Karl McDermott '76 and Deirdre Weston†
    James Miller and Nancy Miller†
    Alan Miller '80 and A Lorraine Miller†
    Wendy Naman '92†
    Martha Piwinsky†
    Linda Acheson Pool '77 and Henry Pool
    Rodney Ruddock '65, M'75 and Ellen Sylves Ruddock '66†
    Daniel Sarver '90 and Lisa Edgar Sarver '91†
    James Self '65 and Jamiela Self†
    Jeremiah Shanahan '88 and Kristen Dean Shanahan '91†
    William Shipley '75 and Judith Shipley†
    Susan Giles Stonebraker '68†
    Suphavadi Sunhachawi-Taylor '87 and James Taylor '86†
    Paul Thornberry and Bari Thornberry
    Gwendolyn Torges†
    Steven Tunink†
    Robert Vetock M'92†
    William Wagner '75 and Amy Wagner†
    Thomas Wallace '80†
    Timothy Wallace '79 and Lee Wallace†
    Loretta Opila and James Wolfe


    Loyalty Society member

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