Willis Pratt Society, 2019-20

  • In 2019–20, members of the Willis Pratt Society supported IUP with gifts ranging from $5,000 to $9,999.

    Stephen Abel '73†
    Anonymous (3)
    Gretchen Barbor M'85 and John Barbor†
    James Barling '81
    Nadav Baum '86 and Nancy Wallace Baum '83†
    John Benson '88†
    David Bluemling '85 and Sheila Mowry Bluemling '85†
    John Bonya '70 and Beverly Gazza Bonya '70†
    Samuel Bowers and Fredalene Barletta Bowers†
    Mark Piwinsky and Dolores Brzycki†
    John Carr '83†
    Richard Caruso '83†
    Charles Cashdollar '65 and Donna Cashdollar†
    Richard Cassel†
    Vidvuds Celtnieks and Jenna-Marie Celtnieks†
    Robert Coleman Jr. '50 and Lou Ann Coleman
    Craig Cox '79†
    Virginia Crider
    Michael Driscoll and Rebecca Driscoll†
    Kathleen Kundar '68 and Joel Finger
    David Fluharty and Vickie Fluharty†
    Grady Gaspar '77 and Carol Zeh Gaspar '78†
    Patricia Hartwell M'88†
    Chris Holuta '89 and Luci Scerbo Holuta '89†
    Michael J. Hood and Kitty Hood D'08†
    Elaine Reschini Judge '64, M'66†
    Robert Kane '90 and Kristen Kane†
    David Karl '64, M'68†
    Nancy Sheridan Kralik '74
    Louis Kushner
    James Leda '95 and Leslie Vanderhoof Leda '98†
    Mary Leisher Leipheimer '66†
    Michael Lesniewski '83 and Lori Lesniewski
    Walter Lewis Jr. '70 and Suzanne Lamm Lewis '71†
    Barry Lippencott '67 and Patricia Hedges Lippencott '68†
    Christina Lyttle
    Kim Lyttle '72, M'74†
    Thomas Lyttle '18†
    Maria Markovich '74 and Gregory Shutske
    Florence Mauchant M'85†
    Pat Mazanek '73, M'82 and Patti Shannahan Mazanek '74, M'86†
    William G Mechling and Darla J Mechling
    Richard Michael '76
    Paul Miller '74 and Susan Walker Miller '74†
    Gwendolyn Howard Miller '60 and Arthur Miller†
    Ralph Morris '69†
    Gerald Murray '78 and Suzanne Murray
    Phillip Neusius and Sarah Neusius†
    Douglas Niesen '87
    Michele Wippich Norwood M'92†
    Bradley Peterson and Diane Peterson
    John Pettina '87 and Cathy Jones Pettina '87†
    Dennis Popovec '77 and Annmarie Popovec†
    Michael Powers and Heather Powers†
    Daniel Powers '70†
    Kathleen Darkes Prokay '69†
    Daniel Radakovich Jr. '80 and Marcia Radakovich†
    William Richardson '81†
    Ruth Riesenman '64†
    Jeffery Schley
    Joseph W. Serene III†
    Deanne Snavely†
    Candice Cedarland Spadafora '68 and William Spadafora†
    Wendy Metcalf Straatmann '92 and Warren Straatmann
    Robert Strouse '70 and Susan Strouse†
    Karen Troutman Testa '82 and Joseph Testa†
    Christine Toretti†
    Cindy Rhine Watta '75, M'79 and Robert Watta†
    Scott Weber '88, M'89 and Karen Weber†
    Ned Wert '58†
    Robert Stonebraker and Annie-Laurie Wheat†
    Terry Yosie '74 and Ann Hegnauer†
    Michael Zang '73 and Karen Focht Zang '73†


    Loyalty Society member

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