New Scholarship Funds for 2019-20

  • Endowed and immediate-use scholarships enable IUP to reward students for exceptional academic and athletic performance or assist them with financial need. The following were established in 2019–20.

    IUP and PWC Alumni Endowed Scholarship
    William A. Daugherty Scholarship for Northpointe Campus
    Linda Drummond Deabenderfer Sch for Culinary Arts
    Jerry Quinn Sr. Family Scholarship
    John R. and Dorothy J. Laudeman Sutton Scholarship
    Jim and Darlene Shea Sutton Scholarship
    Raymond Lee Memorial Scholarship
    Reschini Family Scholarship
    William and Sylvia Martin Lafranchi Sutton Scholarship
    William and Darla Mechling Family Sutton Scholarship
    Kralik Family Scholarship
    Allen Childs Business Scholarship
    Barry Day Outstanding Computer Science Student Award
    Charles W. Winwood Scholarship
    Christine Villella Winwood Scholarship
    Jerry and Cheryl Clark Boardwalk Bowl Scholarship
    Charlie and Kate Hasse Boardwalk Bowl Scholarship
    Bedford John "BJ" Silvey Sr. Scholarship
    IUP Alumni Veterans Scholarship for Athletics
    Janet Goebel Scholarship
    Coach Bouma Men's Rugby Scholarship
    David E. Brown and Cynthia A. Brown Scholarship