Sutton Scholarship (5319)

  • female student after receiving her diploma on graduation

    In today’s college admissions marketplace, qualified students and their parents are discriminating in the college they choose. They worry about debt load after graduation and often find merit based scholarships offered by private schools to help ease their costs. The Sutton Scholarship is meant to attract these highly qualified students to IUP and our top-notch student experience.

    The fund will give the undergraduate admissions office the ability to present $1,000 and $2,000 scholarship awards to students who are considered high achievers upon their admission to IUP. For students who meet an academic standard, the scholarships will be renewed for a total of four years.

    The intent of this scholarship is to gain a commitment from the best students and ultimately offset their student loan debt after graduation. We believe attracting these highly qualified students and relieving them of some loan debt will increase the value of the degrees IUP alumni have already earned. Private gifts are the only source of scholarship funding at IUP.

    See a story that details the issue of student debt that appeared in the Summer, 2011, edition of IUP Magazine.

    You may make an immediate gift online by following the link above. Or, get print forms that you may mail to us. Either way, we thank you!

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