Work Ethic Worthy of Investment

  • Lorna Abernathy

    Lorna Milkovich Abernathy ’83 and her husband, Justin, could have invested their money anywhere. She is a former AOL executive who established her own business, House of Sia, a specialty t-shirt design endeavor. He is an entrepreneur. Both feel strongly about charitable giving.

    They chose to establish a scholarship at IUP that benefits students pursuing degrees in business. Her parents didn't attend college. Lorna said the scholarship is a nod of respect to them—they worked hard to put her and her brother through school.

    To Lorna, who lives in the Washington, DC area, the investment was an easy decision.

    “Graduates of the schools of the privileged have a difficult time finding jobs around here. It seems as though those with a proven work ethic have the edge. Being from western Pennsylvania—I’m originally from Beaver—I know that’s inherent in IUP students. I really benefited from IUP. It served me well.”

    First published in IUP Magazine, Summer 2013

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