Winners in the Academic Advising Category

  • The following faculty have received $500 Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Recognition Awards in the category of Academic Advising:

    Kim Anderson, Accounting, (2017)

    Fredaline Bowers, Human Development and Environmental Studies, (2009)

    Wendy Carse, English, (2010)

    Valeri Helterbran, Professional Studies in Education, (2007)

    John Lewis, Criminology and Criminal Justice (2020)

    Kalani Palmer,  Human Development and Family Science (2021)

    Anthony Perillo, Psychology (2020)

    Ramesh Soni, Management, (2007)

    Gwen Torges, Political Science, (2007)

    Janet Walker, Mathematics,(2007)

    Stacey Winstead, Developmental Studies, (2007)