Winners in the Content Pedagogy Category

  • The following faculty members have received $500 Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Recognition Awards in the category of Content Pedagogy:

    Maali Ashamalla, Management (1998)

    Madan Batra, Marketing, (2002)

    Fredaline Bowers, Human Development and Environmental Studies (2004)

    Wendy Carse, English (1996)

    Stuart Chandler, Philosophy and Religious Studies (2002)

    Alison Downie, Religious Studies (2016)

    Wendy Elcesser, Chemistry (1994)

    Justin Fair, Chemistry, (2011) 

    Susan Fello, Professional Studies in Education, (2010)

    Gary Ferrence, Biology (1995)

    Elizabeth Gazza, Nursing and Allied Health (2004)

    Jake Gibbs, Criminology 1994)

    Kate Hanrahan, Criminology, (2011)

    Christina Huhn and Leanne Lentz, Foreign Languages, (2014)

    Vida Irani, Biology, and Lora Ott, Nursing and Allied Health (2014)

    Avijita Jain, Chemistry (2020)

    Michael Kesner, Biology, (1996)

    Todd Koetje, Anthropology, (1994)

    Laurence Kruckman, Anthropology, (2001)

    Lori Lombard, Special Education and Clinical Services, (2009)

    Shijuan Liu, Foreign Languages (2020)

    Sudipta Majumdar, Chemistry (2018)

    Bill Meil, Psychology (2005)

    Michele Papakie, Journalism, (2008)

    Kelli Reefer-Paquette, Professional Studies in Education, (2009) 

    Gloria Park, English, (2015) 

    Sue Reig, Professional Studies in Education, (2007)

    Jennifer Roberts, Criminology, (2003)

    Wayne Smith, History, (1994)

    Mary Swinker, Human Development and Environmental Studies (2000)

    John Taylor, Geoscience, (2012)

    Todd Thompson and Kaitlin Tonti, English, (2017) 

    Judith Villa, English (1997) 

    John Woolcock, Chemistry, (1994)

    John Zhang, Mathematics, (2000)

    Andrew Zhou, Physics, (2013) 

    Feng Zhou, Northpointe Regional Campus, (2007) 

    Mimi Benjamin, College of Education and Technology (2019)

    Dana Driscoll, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (2019)