Winners in the Innovation Category

  • The following faculty members have received $500 Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Recognition Awards in the category of Innovation:

    Raymond Beisel, University School, (1994)

    Joseph Bencloski, Geography and Regional Planning, (1998)

    Laurel Black, English, (2014)

    Kristy Chunta, Nursing and Allied Health, (2016)

    Teresa Derrickson, English, (2000)

    Rachel DeSoto-Jackson, Theatre, Dance, and Performance (2020)

    David Downing, English, (1998)

    Cathleen Golden, Technology Support and Training, (1998)

    David Hanauer, English, (2005)

    Melanie Holm, English (2021)

    Rick Kemp, Theater and Dance, (2008)

    John Lipinski, Management, (2018)

    Sally Lipsky, Learning Center (1999)

    David Loomis, Journalism, (2007)

    Thomas Lord, Biology, (2007)

    Nick Mauriello and Gian Pagnuci, English (1999)

    Bill McPherson, Virginia Hemby, Linda Szul, and Dawn Woodland, Office Systems and Business Education, (1997)

    Mary Micco, Computer Science, (1996)

    Bob Millward, Professional Studies in Education, (2008)

    Bruce Novak, English, (2013)

    Karen Ready, German, (1994)

    Grace Ann Rosile, Management, (1995)

    Teresa Shellenbarger, Nursing and Allied Health, (1996)

    Mike Sell, English, (2001)

    Todd Thompson, English, (2013)

    Judith Villa, English, (2002)

    Elaine Ware, English, (1998)

    Jonathan Warnock, Geoscience/Sustainability Sciences, (2018)

    B. Gail Wilson, Communications Media, (2004)