Reflective Practice Executive Summary for 1996–97

  • Co-Directors: Mary Ann Cessna, Dir. Center for Teaching Excellence, Brian Jones, Theater, John Woolcock, Chemistry

    • 80 Faculty members
    • 6 Academic Colleges
    • 7 Student Affairs Professionals

    8 Cross-Disciplinary Small Groups

    • Creating A Teaching Portfolio
    • Student Portfolio Development
    • Learning Communities
    • Classroom Assessment
    • Effective Small Group Activities
    • Alternatives to Lecturing
    • Evaluating and Grading Students
    • Multimedia use in Classroom Instruction

    RP Large Group Meetings

    5 September 1996

    Peer Review in Your Department 

    3 October 1996

    What Can Reflective Practice Do To Promote a Culture of Teaching/Learning in Departments?

    7 November 1996

    Reflecting On Student Evaluations

    5 December 1996

    Reports From Small Groups

    1 May 1997

    Reflective Practice Recognition Dinner

    20-22 March 1997

    Sixth Annual Conference on Advancing Teaching in College Classrooms and Campus Cultures at State College, PA


    27 - 28 September 1996

    67 participants

    Creating a Culture for Teaching and Learning in the Departments

    By Dr. Barbara Walvoord                                  

    27 September 1996

    15 participants

    Creating a Culture for Teaching and Learning in the Departments for academic administrators

    By Dr. Barbara Walvoord                                 

    11 April 1997

    30 participants

    Equitable Approaches to a Model for Peer Observation

    By Dr. Deborah DeZure                                   

    12 April 1997

    26 participants

    Classroom Assessment Techniques in Active Learning

    By Deborah DeZure (Eastern Michigan University)