Reflective Practice Executive Summary for 1997–98

  •  Co-Directors:  Mary Ann Cessna, Dir. Center for Teaching Excellence, John Woolcock, Chemistry, Brian Jones, Theater, Teresa Shellenbarger, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

    • 116 Faculty members 32 of the 40 Departments and all 6 Academic Colleges
    • 8 Student Affairs Professionals

    11 Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circles

    • Alternatives to Lecturing
    • Creating a Teaching Portfolio (4 groups)
    • Critical Thinking
    • Service Learning
    • Using Case Studies
    • Using the Internet to Enhance Teaching, Learning and Research at IUP
    • How and Why We Grade
    • Teaching with Technology—PowerPoint

    7 Departmental Teaching Circles

    • English
    • Biology
    • Nursing (2 Circles)
    • Office Systems and Business Education
    • Physics
    • Theater


    10 October 1997

    47 participants

    “How Do You Measure Departmental Productivity?” by Dr. Jon Wergin (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    11 October 1997

    42 participants

    “Thinking Collectively about Student Learning: The Role of the Academic Department” by Dr. Jon Wergin (Virginia Commonwealth University) 

    28 March 1998

    27 participants

    “Linking Departmental Productivity to Student Learning” by Dr. Jon Wergin (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    17–18 May 1998

    23 participants

    “Community Partnerships that Transform Student Learning” by Dr. Alice Kaiser-Drobney

    RP Large Group Meetings

    August 1997

    (John Woolcock and Brian Jones)

    Starting Off on the Right Foot

    September 1997

    (John Woolcock and Brian Jones)

    Getting Started: Reports From the First Day of Class, Classic Small Groups, and Departmental Teaching Circles

    October 1997

    (Terry Ray)

    Classroom Discussion: Getting It Started, Keeping It Going                 

    Videoconference: How to be an OSCAR Winning Teacher (Tony Grasha)

    November 1997

    (Teresa Shellenbarger)

    Reflecting on OSCAR

    December 1997

    (Muhammad Numan)

    Assessment of Student Learning as a Means to Affect Student Behavior

    February 1998

    (Tom Van Dyke)

    Using TQM in the Classroom

    March 1998

    (Dan Boone and Carol Caraway)

    Making Critical Thinking Work in Your Course-An Applied Workshop

    April 1998

    (Virginia Hemby, Bill McPherson, Linda Szul, and Dawn Woodland)

    Bring Out the Tinkertoys

    Reflective Practice Recognition Dinner


    20 March 1998  Seventh Annual Conference on Advancing Teaching in College Classrooms and Campus Cultures 

    “Good Talk about Good Teaching: Stimulating Departmental Conversions about Teaching and Learning” by T. Shellenbarger, M. Twal,  J. Woolcock, M A Cessna, and B. Jones

    19-21 March 1998 Seventh Annual Conference on Advancing Teaching in College Classrooms and Campus Cultures  
    14 Reflective Practice Members attended