Reflective Practice Executive Summary for 1998–99

  •  Co-Directors: Mary Ann Cessna, Dir. Center for Teaching Excellence, John Woolcock, Chemistry, Brian Jones, Theater, Teresa Shellenbarger, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals

    115 Faculty members 31 of 40 Departments and all 6 Academic Colleges

    • 3 Student Affairs Professionals
    • 11 Cross-Disciplinary Teaching Circles

    Creating a Teaching Portfolio

    • Critical Thinking
    • Distance Learning
    • Using Computer Technology to Enhance Learning
    • Evaluating Learning and Learning Styles
    • Service Learning
    • Web Page Design
    • Teaching Cultural Sensitivity in the Classroom
    • The Interactive Classroom
    • Creating a Teaching Portfolio
    • Technical Practice

    11 Departmental Teaching Circles

    • Nursing (2 circles)
    • English (2 circles)
    • Biology
    • Physics
    • Chemistry (2 circles)
    • Branch Campus Circle
    • Technology Support and Training
    • Special Education

    Workshops, Conferences and Large Group Meetings

    17 October 1998

    (Fall workshop)

    “Representing What We Know and Learn in Multiple Ways Using Computers as Mindtools” by Dr. David Jonassen (Penn State University)

    27 February 1999

    (Spring Workshop)

    “Classroom Research and Reflective Practice” by Dr. Chuck Walker (St. Bonaventure University, New York     31 Participants

    RP Large Group Meetings

    August 1998

    (Laurel Black)

    Organizational meeting: Small groups, Teaching circle formation

    September 1998

    (Judith Villa)

    Organizational meeting: Small groups, Teaching circle formation

    October 1998

    (Terry Ray)

    Springboards for Using Cases

    November 1998

    (Gian Pagnucci)

    Technology and Teaching

    December 1998

    (Michael T. Williamson)

    Sequencing Small Groups to Promote Critical Thinking

    February 1999

    (Mary Jalongo)

    Electronic Teaching Portfolios as a Tool for Reflective Practice

    March 1999

    (Madan Batra)

    Student-Team Projects

    April 1999

    (Vicki Damiani)

    Case Studies in the Classroom

    May 1999

    (Mary Burger and Mark Staszkiewicz)

    Reflective Practice Recognition Dinner


    21 November 1998 18th Annual Lilly Conference on College and University Teaching  (Miami University-Oxford, Ohio)

    “Celebrating Five Years of Shifting to the Learning Paradigm: The Reflective Practice Project at IUP” RP Co-Directors: Mary Ann Cessna, Teresa Shellenbarger, John Woolcock

    22 January 1999 Seventh AAHE Conference on Faculty Roles and Rewards (San Diego)

    “Risky Conversations: Negotiating Collective Responsibility for Student Learning” Jon Wergin, Mary Ann Cessna, Mark Staszkiewicz and Brian Jones