Recognition Awards Celebration 2021

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    The annual celebration was held virtually. 

    2021 Recognition Awards Celebration (IUP login required)

    Congratulations to the winners of the $500 Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty Recognition Awards:
    Sarah Everett (Communications Media) Teaching AssociateMelanie Holm (English)
    InnovationTaylor Jones (English) Teaching AssociateKalani Palmer (Human Development and
    Family Science ) Academic Advising

    Teaching Circle Grant Award Winners

    Anti-Racist Theatre Training
    Rachel DeSoto-Jackson, Carrie J. Cole, Michael Schwartz, Rick Kemp, Brian Jones, Nancy Pipkin-Hutchinson, Joan Van Dyke

    Fostering Faculty and Student Wellness through a Faculty Wellness Teaching Circle
    Members: Stephanie Taylor-Davis, Lorraine Guth, Dana Driscoll, Veronica Paz, Amber Rachini, Mimi Benjamin, Theresa McDevitt

    Electronic Book Resources for Online Teaching and Learning
    Oksana Moroz, Nada Tayem, Lynanne Black, Stephanie Taylor Davis, Begona Vilouta Vazquez, Parimal Bhagat, Crystal Machado, Ting Lu, Jun Akiyoshi, Jacqueline McGinty

    Electronic Books via the Library
    Members: Jacqueline McGinty, Crystal Machado, Parimal Bhagat, John Mueller, Theresa McDevitt, Aleea Perry, Stephanie Taylor Davis, Terilyn Huntington, Lynanne Black, Wendy Sheeran, Oksana Moroz

    Clinical Judgment Student Mentor Project
    Members: Janis Barner, Benjamin Martin, Taylor Edwards, Elizabeth Palmer, Elaine Little

    Preparing For Our Future
    Members: Jennifer Smith; Melanie Duncan; Rachel Fox; Stephanie Davis; Aleea Perry

    Expanding Social Practice Discourse at IUP
    Members: Sean Derry and Collaborators

    Leaders Exploring Leadership Texts
    Members: Susan Sibert, Kelli Paquette, DeAnna Laverick, Sue Rieg and we expect 3 more colleagues