Post a News Item

    1. On the left side of your Workarea, find your unit website folder. The top subfolder will be !Page Layouts. In that folder, find the News subfolder. In this folder you will see another subfolder, with a special folder icon and labeled with your unit’s name, followed by “News.” For example, see “Digital Team News” in the image below. You will know you’re in the correct folder when you see all of your previous news posts.
      News folder
    2. In the “[your department/office name] News” folder, on the right side of your Workarea, mouse over New on the toolbar, and on the pull-down menu, select HTML Post.
      New HTML Post
    3. Give the news post a title. This is what will appear as the headline for the news item.
    4. Enter the content of the post, as you would for any content item.
    5. Under the Summary tab, enter a short description of the post. Check the appropriate box under Subjects. (Do not worry about entering Tags.) If the categories provided do not suit your typical news posts, please contact the Digital Team to have different categories added. news post summary tab
    6. Preview the news post before submitting it, so you can review it for any formatting or layout problems. Here is how to preview a news post.
    7. When finished, submit the post for publishing, as you would any other content item.

    Changing the Number of News Posts on Your Home Page

    If you want to change the number of news posts that appear at the bottom of your website’s home page, please send an ihelp message to the Digital Team. Remember that all news posts will appear in reverse chronological order based on their creation date.