Program Review

  • In accordance with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education Board of Governors’ Policy 1986-04-A, all programs at IUP not holding specialized accreditation are required to conduct a full program review every five years. 

    Program Review Schedule 

    Program Review Process for 2019–20 Review Cohort

    IUP Procedures for Academic Program Review

    IUP Program Review Timeline

    Hallmarks of an Effective Self-Study

    Writing Across the Curriculum FAQ 

    Guidelines for External Evaluation

    Selecting and Nominating External Evaluators

    Best Practices for External Reviews

    Program Review External Evaluator Site Visit Procedures

    Program Review Workshops for Future Years

    Due to the coronavirus pandemic, preparatory workshops for programs in the 2020–21 or 2021–22 review cohorts have been postponed to fall 2020. This will also allow us to simplify and streamline the review process now that The Pennsylvania State System no longer requires a statewide template for reviews.

    Program Review Overhaul Group (PROG)

    A new faculty committee is being created this spring to help the Office of Academic Planning and Programs transform the five-year program review process at IUP. The goal of this structural overhaul will be to simplify data collection and reduce the administrative burden on faculty, while also enhancing shared governance by creating a university-wide faculty peer review committee, similar to that used by the Inspire expedited review process. Process updates and draft templates created by PROG will be posted here over the coming months.

    Suggestions for Program Review Improvement

    Do you have a suggestion for how we can improve the program review process at IUP, either to make it more useful or less burdensome for our faculty? If so, please share it with Provost’s Associate Karen Rose Cercone at

    Annual Progress Report Samples

    Geoscience (Undergraduate): This is an example of an annual report completed using IMPROVE (previously TracDat).

    Safety Sciences (graduate-master’s)