Applying for Admissions

  • Supplemental Essay and Questions Required for Honors College Applicants

    After you have completed the IUP Undergraduate Freshman application, you will need to submit the essay and short answer form online.

    We value the opportunity to learn about our applicants both in terms  of their academic strengths and well as who they are as individuals. Obviously, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers to the following questions.

    Additional Application Question

    • Tell us your favorite:
      1. Book
      2. Movie
      3. Academic Subject
      4. Saying/Expression 
    • Please tell us how you have spent that last two summers, including any jobs you have held.
    • List by Author and title, books you enjoyed most in the past year, indicating with an asterisk (*) the readings that were not required for class. 
    • List activities/clubs/organizations you’ve been a part of. 
    • List your leadership roles. 
    • List service/volunteer experiences.
    • What in particular about the Cook Honors College at IUP motivated you to apply? [100-300 words]
    • Describe how your high school transcript or test scores are, or are not, an accurate reflection of your potential for intellectual growth. [100-300 words] 

    Essay Question

    Essay: In 500 words, write about one of the topics below.*

    *An essay can tell us things about you that your application can't. Please consider this when choosing your essay prompt.

    • Choose a quotation and describe how it relates to you.
    • Choose a controversial school policy and explain your position on this issue.
    • Since hindsight is 20/20, what advice would you like to share with an earlier version of you?
    • Reflect on a book, song, movie, or painting that challenged your views.
    • If time and space travel were possible, and you were granted a one-week paid vacation to any period since the dawn of humanity, which would you choose and why?
    • If you could steal anything in the world without suffering consequences, what would it be and why?

    We realize that things like indents and spacing are difficult to represent on a web entry screen. Please know that your essay will be judged on content and not on formatting.

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