Department for Disability Access and Advising

  • The Department for Disability Access and Advising (D2A2) provides accommodations and services for students with disabilities of all kinds, including learning, physical, hearing, vision, or psychological. IUP is committed to ensuring equal access to education as intended by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act.


    The Department for Disability Access and Advising at Indiana University of PennsylvaniaOur mission is to enhance quality and provide a platform for the inclusion of IUP students with disabilities, and others experiencing lengthier temporary disabilities, towards fully engaging in the university and its programs.

    We strive to ensure a fair and accessible learning environment where students with disabilities are able to succeed based on their own efforts and initiatives. We achieve this by working to reduce competitive disadvantages and environmental barriers that affect learning. Our faculty and staff work with and advise students, faculty, and other university personnel to coordinate accommodations for students that are compliant with federal legislation. Our faculty and staff also advise and educate the university to encourage an accessible institutional environment.


    Our vision is a university that exceeds accessibility compliance: one that enhances the integration and success of persons with disabilities, and a campus-wide culture of access.

    D2A2: “Our students have Determination and Desire to Learn; we assist by providing Access and Advising for higher education.”

  • Accessible ADA campus map

    Visit University Map, Directions, and Parking for the most up-to-date accessible ADA guides/maps of campus locations.

  • Advising
    Students are considered primarily responsible for managing their progress towards graduation. Academic advisement is a vital support in this process.

  • Labyrinth Center for Autism Spectrum Support

    Additional support for IUP’s students with Autism Spectrum Diagnosis can be obtained through the Labyrinth Center, which provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to support such students as they build relationships, gain independence, experience academic success, and graduate from IUP with the professional and personal skills needed to embark on a fulfilling life and career. For more information, contact the Labyrinth Center