About Our Undergraduate Finance and Legal Studies Faculty

  • Professor in a business classroom

    FACULTY WITH REAL-WORLD EXPERIENCE WHO LOVE TEACHING :  Professor William Dennis Ames holds an MBA and a law degree and has a diverse background of professional experience. “My passion is and has been teaching. I touch the future every time I walk into a classroom,” he said.

    Worldly Investment and Law Experience in the Classroom

    Many finance and legal studies faculty arrive with backgrounds in business and higher education: an investment banker, a public defender, and a vice president of marketing now guide IUP students. Professors also have earned doctoral degrees from this nation’s finest universities. But most importantly, our professors are committed to teaching you and developing close, collaborative relationships with their students.

    • Our professors are active in ongoing financial market research that helps keep the curriculum relevant and up-to-date.
    • Former law practitioners bring courtroom and corporate boardroom savvy to the classroom.
    • Presentations and numerous publications of unique business research distinguish a faculty that spans the gap between theory and practical applications.
    • Financial market trading floor insights are shared by instructors who also provide a guided tour through the Wall Street Journal—essential and required reading for all finance majors.