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    Applying for scholarships can really pay off. Like grants, scholarships are a type of financial aid that you won’t have to pay back.

    Scholarships can be based on a variety of things—such as financial need, academic scores, a specific major, or activities and achievements. Put just a little time into applying for them, and the rewards can be great.

    How do you get started?

    1. Apply to IUP—and You’ll Be Automatically Considered for Admissions Scholarships

    At IUP, we make it easier for you to connect with scholarship opportunities. Just by applying to IUP, you are already considered for some scholarships through the admissions office. You will be notified if you are selected.

    2. Do One Additional IUP Scholarship Application

    Take it a step further and fill out one form—IUP’s general scholarship application, and you’ll be considered for a variety of IUP scholarships. You can log in to apply, or you can choose search. You’ll be notified by IUP if you are selected.

    (If you want to check which academic college your major is in, find your major on the undergraduate majors list, follow the link for your major, and you’ll find the academic college and department listed at the bottom of the page.)

    3. Take Advantage of IUP’s List of Outside Scholarships

    See IUP’s list of Outside Scholarships to find more opportunities for scholarships. Don’t pass up your chance to apply!

    4. Check with Guidance Counselors, Local Clubs, and Outside Organizations

    There are lots of scholarships awarded each year in high schools and hometowns. From graduates of your high school who have provided scholarships, to community groups, garden clubs, music clubs, and other organizations. Sometimes, there are fewer applicants for local scholarships, which can increase your odds of being selected.

    5. Explore Scholarship Search Sites

    There are a number of reputable scholarship search websites—check them out for more leads.

    Have questions? Please submit questions about IUP scholarships to