2017–21 Strategic Plan

  • Approved 2-24-17


    To secure and responsibly manage private support for the benefit of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


    As a result of our ability to raise, grow and steward assets, we will enable an affordable, world-class education, grounded on scholarship and impact in the world.


    • Entrepreneurship and willingness to pursue new and innovative methods to secure and steward support for the university

    • Excellence and high expectations of ourselves and the university to drive continuous improvement 

    • Initiative to proactively and ambitiously advance the university

    • Partnership with the university and our stakeholders to collaboratively achieve our common goals

    • Fiduciary responsibility to our donors and the institution whose assets we manage and steward

    Strategic Initiatives and Goals


    Partner with the university to significantly accelerate fundraising

    1. In partnership with University Advancement, support a culture of philanthropy at the university that fosters donor engagement

    2. Grow the Fund for IUP in partnership with University Advancement to meet the most immediate needs

    3. Grow major gifts in partnership with University Advancement

    4. Build a planned giving infrastructure in partnership with University Advancement

    5. Develop stewardship processes and protocols to grow and sustain giving from key donors

    6. Investigate alternative sources of revenue to encourage entrepreneurship


    Secure and optimize the portfolio of the Foundation to foster donor confidence and trust

    1. Conduct an annual comprehensive assessment of the Foundation’s portfolio

    2. Effectively and responsibly manage student housing assets in a way that optimizes risk and reward

    3. Increase student involvement in the Student-Managed Investment Portfolio and identify additional student learning opportunities


    Make transformative investments to advance world-class teaching, research, and service

    1. Develop a dynamic process to understand university priorities that will guide strategic, targeted investments

    2. Invest in strategic enrollment management

    3. Increase the number, value, and return on investment of student scholarships

    4. Invest in branding, marketing, and communication

    5. Invest in faculty to enhance capacity for teaching, research, and service

    6. Invest in capital improvements that support the mission of the university

    7. Invest in academic initiatives that enhance the rigor and relevance of curricular and co-curricular experiences


    Optimize internal operations to achieve strategic goals

    1. Reorganize the structure and composition of the Foundation board to align with the major initiatives of the Strategic Plan

    2. Develop an interactive, seamless, and strategic partnership with University Advancement

    3. Equip the Foundation and the university with the technology and infrastructure needed to implement the Strategic Plan

    4. Develop and sustain an engaged, performance-focused staff for the Foundation