About Health and Human Services

  • The College of Health and Human Services houses nine departments, each with multiple academic programs. All of the programs in Health and Human Services are applied disciplines. Students study the theories underlying their programs and then focus on applying it to their professions. In a learning-centered environment, instructors help students bridge theory and practice with many hands-on activities, interesting resources, and up-to-date instructional methods.

    Points of Pride

    The College of Health and Human Services offers a large variety of quality programs with national reputations and prestigious accreditations. Outstanding support services—such as advising, mentoring, and co-curricular activities—help our students succeed. Our students are leaders during their academic studies and as alumni. Our faculty are enthusiastic teachers and respected scholars.

    Health and Human Services Points of Pride

    College Governance

    Committed to shared-governance, the college is led by key individuals within the college and externally. Internally, college leadership includes the Council of Chairs, Directors of HHS Centers & Institutes, college committees, and members of the Dean’s Office.

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