Life at Cook Honors College

  • Honors College students in the Oak Grove

    Join Us in Discovering Who We Are as a Community

    At its heart, you’ll find the Cook Honors College is a strong, inspiring place because of students like you. Intelligent, dedicated, amazing students choose to come here, year after year, and reject the old-fashioned, stereotypical, stuffy model of higher-level learning for one of openness, scholarly debate, hands-on experiences, service to others, and leading-edge thinking.

    It’s not just a matter of welcoming you into “our” community, but rather having you join us as a member of the CHC family. You and your friends in the Cook Honors College build your own dynamic as you come together as a connected, collaborative, accepting group, creating an intellectual climate of your own.

  • Photos of Student Adventures
    Cook Honors College students have some pretty amazing experiences. Check out some of the photos and stories from their trips.