Small Business Incubator

  • The Indiana County Small Business Incubator is dedicated to increasing Indiana County’s economic prosperity by encouraging high-tech development and industrial diversification.

    What Is a Small Business Incubator?

    • A facility designed and dedicated to aid the entrepreneur through the critical first years of operation
    • A route for the entrepreneur to turn initial business plans into a new company
    • A technical management resource center for the local business community

    As an incubator tenant, a company benefits from the nurturing assistance and various services provided in-house that help build a solid foundation to support future growth. U.S. statistics show that business incubators increase the survival rate of start-ups from 35 percent to 87 percent.

    What Services Are Offered?

    As a unit of the Management Services Group within the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology, the Incubator offers a number of services to tenants:

    • Low initial rent
    • Shared use of fax and copy machine
    • Business advice
    • Mentoring
    • Conference room
    • Networking with other businesses
    • Student interns

    Learn more about the benefits of the Incubator.

    Who Should Apply?

    A start-up or developing business that is involved in engineering services, software development, information technology, light manufacturing, assembly, mail order/direct marketing, or other selected service or manufacturing activities may be eligible to apply as a tenant for space within the incubator facility. The program specializes in helping individuals move their innovative business ideas from development to commercialization.

    If you are interested in pursuing a business venture, or you have a company that you believe may qualify for Incubator space, please call for an appointment.

  • Company Profile


    Mobile Surveillance and Management Systems

    Zen-tinel, a mobile surveillance and management systems company, has been developing mobile camera systems for 10 years and is committed to providing customers with the highest quality products and support services.

    Their continuous recording camera systems can be found in school buses, taxis, limos, first responder units, armored vehicles, and paratransit vehicles all across the USA. The latest product, the Zen-tinel Stop Arm Camera, is installed on the exterior of a bus and automatically records when the stop arm is extended. Up to four cameras capture images of front and back license plates and the face of the driver who illegally passed a stopped school bus. These images are then turned over to law enforcement for prosecution.

    Learn more about Zen-tinel and our other tenant firms.

  • Management Services Group

    The IUP Small Business Incubator is part of the Management Services Group (MSG), an umbrella organization for the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. The objective of the MSG is to provide consulting and business services to ongoing and start-up businesses in the region.

    Learn more about the Management Services Group.