Parking and Directions

  • The Indiana Small Business Incubator is located in the Robertshaw Building at IUP. Ample parking and 24-hour access in a secure facility are just two of the many benefits to locating your business in the Incubator.

    Location and Parking

    The Incubator is located at 650 South 13th Street, off Rose Avenue. Designated parking for Incubator tenants and their customers is available near the Incubator main entrance.

    Local Directions

    Access to Rose Avenue is from either Oakland Avenue or Wayne Avenue.

    • From Oakland Avenue, turn onto Rose Avenue. Just prior to the railroad tracks, turn left onto South 13th Street.
    • From Wayne Avenue, turn onto Rose Avenue. Just after crossing the railroad tracks, turn right onto South 13th Street.
    • Follow South 13th Street around to the front of the Robertshaw building and the Incubator main entrance.
    Incubator Location

    Regional Directions

    Visit Map, Directions, and Parking on the main IUP website for detailed regional driving directions and campus parking facilities. The campus parking map includes the Robertshaw building and shows its location in relation to the rest of the IUP campus.